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Tauranga...A city like no other!

Tauranga is a stunning beachside city in the North Island, known for its great weather and beautiful natural surroundings. Tauranga is New Zealand’s fastest-growing city and is also becoming an important economic hub. It is New Zealand’s 5th largest city overall, with over 100,000 inhabitants.


The city is well connected, and just 2.5 hours from New Zealand’s main international gateway, Auckland.

Tauranga is home to many quality schools and education institutions. In 2019, Waikato University opened their Tauranga campus, providing an excellent university option

for students graduating from high school in Tauranga.

In Tauranga, you’ll find yourself immersed among many New Zealand students. This gives Vietnamese students great opportunities to perfect their English, immerse themselves in the New Zealand way of life and local culture.

For more information on why you should choose Tauranga, visit:

Tauranga – a truly authentic New Zealand study experience.


Bethlehem College

Bethlehem College believes that every child is unique and remarkable, with gifts that deserve to be cultivated through courage, effort and achievement. 
We are the complete overseas education package.


Tauranga Boys' College

Tauranga Boys' College aims to be 'Best for Boys' by being dedicated exclusively to meeting the educational, social and developmental needs of boys as they journey from boyhood to manhood.


Tauranga Girls' College

Tauranga Girls' College the School of Choice for Girls in the Bay, caters for young woman from years 9-13 and provides a diverse range of opportunities that allows her to foster a love of learning, to experience success and to develop dispositions such as empathy, resilience adaptability and collaboration.

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